Fashion Week: Tome Explores the Basics and 5:31 JEROME Delivers a Hot Tomboy


Fashion Week: It makes me ugh, and emit giddiness in the same breathe. Why such mutual disdain and joy, you ask? The circus, before, and after, a fashion show, thanks to fashion-goers (myself included), is pure hell; but when a new collection is presented as beautiful art, I am in heaven. Fashion Week makes me bipolar, and I’ve accepted this realization completely. Both the Tome and 5:31 JÉRÔME Fall 2014 collections, seen last week, made my head spin…in the greatest way possible.

Held on Thursday at Lincoln Center’s new Pavilion venue (a stunning vast warehouse-type space), Tome designers Ryan Lobo and Ramon Martin, a New York-based label, showcased a line purely made for the modern women who can’t be bothered to care what others think. It’s not too showy, but it definitely makes you take notice. The palette was a mixture of neutrals, and bright satin pinks, which is sort of a strange combination. There was an underlying of red that evened out the whole collection. I wasn’t too keen on the pink satin dresses, but the over-sized beige coats were fantastic. The long gray dresses were equally as beautiful, and it’s quite refreshing to see the lengthy hemline making a comeback.

On Friday, in a loft inside the Chelsea Market, Bronx-born designer Jérôme LaMaar, presented his 5:31 JÉRÔME collection, where mixed cocktails were served (thank you!), while a massive, and young, crowded lingered throughout the space. It was quite a relaxed environment, again, probably because of the drinks, couches, and the great tunes by the DJ. The line itself felt very New York.

“This season I wanted to explore a feminine polished approach to a casual hunting tomboy look,” Lamaar said. And it was indeed a mixture of both styles, which included very stylish crop tops, colorful coats, high-waist slacks, and skin tight dresses.