Readers Share Thoughts on the Best Classic Diners and Luncheonettes in NYC


Zachary Feldman dropped a list of the 11 best classic diners and luncheonettes in NYC, tapping into spots that form the fabric of edible history in our city and, therefore, our collective nostalgia for an era ever in danger of passing as rents skyrocket. A number of readers weighed in on the list, adding spots and recounting memories.

We particularly like this reminiscence from DrewHunkins about a classic now lost:

Remember the old Grand Luncheonette on 42nd Street in Times Square? I lived in Manhattan for two years in the mid-1990s and was lucky enough to eat a few of Grand Luncheonette’s burgers before it finally succumbed to gentrification.

The Grand Luncheonette on 42nd Street was a genuine piece of Americana that’s sadly gone forever.

And a few additions:
“Where’s Johnnys on 25th street???” –reportu2

“Jahn’s in Jackson Heights, NY.” –John DaTech

“I would choose Georgia diner over pop diner in Elmhurst.” –garsleat