Happening Right Now: Coffee Beer to Heat Up These Winter Nights


Erica Shea and Stephen Valand, the masterminds of Brooklyn Brew Shop’s gallon-sized brew kits, are releasing the Coffee & Donut Stout, their first big-batch brew, this evening at 508 GastroBrewery (508 Greenwich Street, 212-219-2444). The duo teamed up with Chris Cuzme of 508 to make the dark, creamy, and full winter brew, using three and a half pounds of crushed Brooklyn Roasting Company coffee beans, coconut flakes, and brown sugar.

All of these flavors, Valand says, makes it, “the perfect beer for the dead of winter when sun is at its minimum, frost is at its max, and merely emerging from bed feels akin to a trip to the dentist.”

“We like brewing and drinking with the seasons,” he explains. “And like it or not, it’s just about the worst time of the year for nearly any activity other than sitting down with someone you like and sharing a beer.”

This is just the first batch of many for the couple. Their new brewery, EST Brewing Company, will cook up many of the Brooklyn Brew Shop favorites in larger format. “We’ve loved this beer for years,” Valand says. “It’s been a favorite of ours to pour at festivals. So this seemed like the obvious choice when we began talking with Chris Cuzme about launching EST over at 508 this February.”

The trio is hosting a celebratory, jazz-filled launch party this evening at 508, and the party starts at 5 p.m. If you can’t make it tonight, swing by 508 another time to try a glass. And keep your eyes out for EST pours during New York City Beer Week.