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If science wants to stop getting run out of Real America on a rail, maybe it should stop reminding everyone of facts like this one: There are more organisms teeming on your body at this moment than there are people on earth. That point is made scarily well in Mysteries of the Unseen World, a marvelous look-at-those-micro-beasts freak-out screening every day at the American Museum of Natural History. It’s the museum’s first 3-D digital protection, and its big-screen parade of the teensiest life is a perception-widener: Relish the flutter of butterfly wings slowed way down, and tremble before those fanged cat fleas blown way up. Director Louie Schwartzberg laces the itch-inducing wonders with up-to-this-month science — it’s so arresting it might even win ’em over in Creationism Country.

Mondays-Sundays, noon. Starts: Feb. 11. Continues through Aug. 1, 2014