Cheap Drinks at Juke Bar, Point Break, The Abbey, and Dirty Pierre’s


If Valentine’s Day is stressing you out — or you just want to celebrate being single — happy hour is an excellent relaxation technique. Here’s a look at a few place you’ll always be sure to find true love for less — we’re pretty sure it’s at the bottom of a glass somewhere.

Juke Bar, 196 Second Avenue

Descending downstairs into this basement cocktail lounge and grabbing a chair by the fireplace is a good idea during happy hour if you need a winter escape. All beers are $5 until 9 p.m., while well drinks, wine, and specialty cocktails are half-priced. A few options include the honeysuckle — a rum based drink with fresh lime, honey, and bitters — or the Juke Bar punch for spice lovers. Most impressively? It’s one of the few bars in the area that isn’t full of college seniors looking to get sloppy on a weeknight.

Point Break, 12 West 45th Street

If you’ve ever wanted to play Wheel of Fortune — but with booze — this bar’s wheel o’shots will have you feeling like a champ in no time. From 5 to 7 p.m., all draft beer and well drinks are $4, while additional drink specials start at $3. The bar also features beer pong, scorpion bowls, and das boots, with plenty of bar food on hand to help pace your game-hopping.

The Abbey, 536 Driggs Avenue

Sure two-for-one well drinks might be common for happy hour, but this old school Williamsburg hipster bar sweetens the deal with free popcorn and classic film noir. From 3 to 8 p.m., guests can enjoy arcade games and pool while taking advantage of the cheap drink specials and laid back atmosphere.

Dirty Pierre’s, 13 Station Square, Queens

Five dollar pints of sangria all day make this Forest Hills train station stop a must before heading home. The bar has a constant array of drink and food specials — like hot spiked cider for five bucks — and it’s a tight but cozy place with a neighborhood vibe.