Fashion Week: Ruffian’s Disco Queen, Cindy Sherman Inspires Timo Weiland


We often wonder if Jerry Seinfeld’s infamous puffy/pirate shirt could ever be a genuinely hip fashion statement. Alright, we never truly gave the silly shirt a second thought, but Ruffian’s Fall/Winter 2014 collection definitely gave the elaborate white buttoned-down blouse, and the Elizabethan ruff, a disco comeback.

Brian Wolk and Claude Morais, the designers behind the label, have always been inspired by the Victorian era, and have been successful at transforming these old British-stiff garments into a beautiful and elegant modern look.

Their latest collection was incredibly chic. We really hate using that word, but the line was, indeed, stylish and sexy. The designers explored the concept of opulence and tailored volume, and each model walked out to the sounds of disco, wearing dark maroon lipstick and smoky eyes. This is what New York City in the ’70s must have been like if you happened to be a hot, sophisticated woman going to happy hour.

Each individual garment (from the jackets to skirts and tights) carried a personalized aesthetic, though, more importantly, had so much vibrant color to it, which winter collections desperately need.

One of our favorites was an ivory silk top with a black knee-length silk skirt paired with red stockings, and a silk bomber that featured a unicorn digital print on it. Keywords here are silk and unicorn. Amazing! But there were other incredible non-silk looks, including a matching metallic blazer and short skirt adorned with a floral shirt and royal blue stockings.

Downtown at Milk Studios, Timo Weiland presented its Fall/Winter women’s collection, the antithesis to the ’70s and looked to an unnamed Cindy Sherman film for inspiration.

The line, filled with a color palette of navy blue, black, and maroon, was a mix match of shapes. One minute a Charlie Brown-esque zigzag dress with fringe would surface, and the next, a black-and-white polka-dot chiffon sleeveless blouse appeared.

The team behind the line, including founder Timo Weiland, Alan Eckstein, and Donna Kang, said this collection was like going on an adventurous trip upstate. So if you’re the kind of woman that can relate to a Sherman film still featuring of woman with a brazen haircut stopped on a bicycle in the middle of the road, harshly looking back at something unknown, or perhaps is headed on a MetroNorth train to Great Neck, then this collection would fit your life perfectly.