Free Boozy Hot Chocolate at Boqueria Today


We’ve already committed to not complaining about the weather anymore — we’re done with staying in our houses now, thankyouverymuch, so we’re just going to go out anyway because come on. Enough is enough. And we’ll happily be rewarded for our resolution to leave our homes with a little free booze.

We just got word that both Boqueria locations (53 West 19th Street and 171 Spring Street) are serving up free hot chocolate spiked with Torres wine brandy during lunch and dinner today, which seems as good an excuse as any to have a liquid lunch. Hell, we think you should go all out and pair it to some churros. At this rate, no one’s going to see you scantily clad for months anyway.

After that, you might consider a tour of the 10 best cups of hot chocolate in NYC. Or get yourself a hot toddy or five. Or maybe you want to spike your own hot chocolate at home. We vote for all of the above.

On a somewhat related note, we’re right in the middle of City Bakery’s annual month-long hot chocolate festival, which means you’re privy to a special flavor every day this month. Today: chili pepper hot chocolate.

Know of other snow day deals? Let us know in the comments, on Facebook, or via Twitter, and we’ll keep you posted on where you can take advantage of this terrible storm.

Gratuitous hot chocolate porn below. You’re welcome.