What’s the Prime New York Neighborhood for Valentine’s Day?


If you’re taking your sweetheart out for dinner tonight, chances are you’re looking to spend big bucks and are heading to Lincoln Square. Well, at least that’s what statistics say.

Connotate, a New Jersey-based web data monitoring company, analyzed data from 3,000 restaurants to uncover some trends about New York City’s Valentine’s Day dinner scene. By looking up which restaurants were fully booked at 7 p.m. on February 14th and dividing them up into three cost levels, they found that the most expensive restaurants have the least availability: Over 77 percent of $$$$ restaurants in NYC are fully booked tonight. Check out the data:

Connotate also found some surprising data about the locations of all these date night reservations. Of all the neighborhoods in the city, Lincoln Square’s restaurants are most booked — perhaps couples are off to an opera after they eat? — with over 55 percent of restaurants in the area showing no availability for tonight at 7 p.m. Union Square and Columbus Circle come in at a close second and third (Columbus Circle is not surprising, given the volume of expensive restaurants located there). And opportunists, take note: The West Village, a haven for romance with its many tiny candle-lit cafes, is way down at the bottom of the list with only 9 percent of restaurants in the area booked, which means you might be able to score a prime time reservation there if you’re still trying to figure out what to do tonight.

If you’re still scrambling to put together your evening, check out Hannah Palmer Egan’s 11 worthy options for Valentine’s day (and hope they’re still available), or head on over to Eve Turow’s last-minute guide. Happy (or sad) Valentine’s Day, everyone!