The Doppelgangaz: “We Hold Dipset Near and Dear to Us”


[Editor’s note: In “Tweets Is Watching,” Phillip Mlynar asks local artists questions based solely on the contents of their Twitter timeline.]

After dropping the marvelous HARK last year, the Doppelgangaz have opened their 2014 account with this week’s 11-track Peace Kehd project. It’s another fine installment in the Dopp Gang canon, headed up by the rugged-to-the-smooth singles “Holla x2” and “KnowntchooTahLie.” Tapping into the ghastly duo’s Twitter timeline, here’s EP and Matter ov Fact talking about Cam’ron’s fashion, the virtues of strong ankles, and various types of cheeses.

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How did the Doppelgangaz spend Valentine’s Day?
EP: I ate extremely well, got myself a six pack of P and called it a night.
Matter ov Fact: I humped the shit out of my bed, let off, rolled over and went to sleep.

Which female rapper would you most like to take on a Valentine’s date?
EP: Even though nowadays she’s only radio hosting, I’d take Angie Martinez to a nice dinner. I bet she’s been everywhere, but I’d pull out the big guns and try to go to Le Bernardin or Marea or [Sushi] Yasuda. After that, I’d just pray that she gives me the honor of lasting one second with her. Angie is so sweet, funny and attractive. I’m sure she’d cheer me up after I reached my tipping point in less than a second; maybe even give me a shot at round two.

Which Doppelgangaz album would make the best Valentine’s Day present?
EP: I’d have to say Peace Kehd. Songs like “Come Down Awn Eht” are perfect for sexy time with someone special.

You mention women with strong ankles on the new album. What’s the philosophy behind strong ankles?
MoF: A woman who has strong ankles was built to support weight. Either she has meat on her now or she’s prepared to gain some later. Also, I like to change roles and have females pick me up, you dig?

Do you have any tips for someone looking to cultivate strong ankles?
I think it’s more genetic, like just luck of the draw, you know? Some females have a strong frame by default.

You put out a quick competition on Twitter asking fans to name three cheeses referenced on Peace Kehd. Did anyone get it right?
Two people actually got it, but it took a while. The answer was gorgonzola, asiago and feta.

What’s the best cheese you’ve ever experienced?
That’s a good question. When you get that fresh buffalo mozzarella in a caprese salad, that’s pretty damn tasty. I like sharp cheddar too.

You retweeted Lil Debbie saying she wants to collect every item of Diplomats-branded clothing released this year.
Yeah, I’m loving what Dipset and Dame are doing with the new Diplomat clothing — quality pieces that are well crafted with nice design work. We hold Dipset near and dear to us. In ’98, Cam was our favorite rapper. I liked when jerseys were really poppin’ and Cam would come through with a throwback, the warm-up jacket over it with the matching hat. Those were the days. Also the pink phase was ill too. I remember I came in to school with a tall-ass pink tee, a white/pink Yankee fitted, some Pepe jeans and some white-on-whites. I really thought I was the man.

Who’s the plastic female doll you pose with?
Her name is Bamber and she’s an important member of the crew. Not only does she make us look good, she also satisfies us when no females are around — which is most of the time.

What’s the most lavish and most disappointing back-stage spread you’ve experienced?
Some spreads have really been bountiful and lovely. It all depends how much the promoter wants to show off because our rider really only asks for water, beer and Hennessy. Since Henny is sometimes harder to get in Europe, they’ll get Jameson for us because our DJ Johnny Quest likes purposely giving himself whiskey D. I’m not the biggest fan of whiskey or its effects on the genital region, but whatever floats your boat…

The best spread probably had luxurious charcuterie, nicely baked bread, local craft beer, Henny, chocolate and other goodies. The worst we’ve had was probably nothing — show up backstage and literally have nothing. Not even water.

Finally, why should people check out Peace Kehd?
MoF: They should check out our new album because we have hostages at gun point. Everyday we’re not platinum, somebody is going to meet their demise. You don’t want anybody to get murked, do you?

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