Wall Street Journal Reporter Hit By a School Bus Two Blocks from Yesterday’s Pedestrian Safety Press Conference


Less than 24 hours after Mayor Bill de Blasio hosted a press conference on the Upper West Side touting his plans to end traffic injuries and fatalities in New York City, a Wall Street Journal reporter was hit by a school bus a matter of blocks from the site where the event was held. Michael Howard Saul, who covers City Hall for the Journal says he was in the crosswalk with the walk signal when the bus driver, who was making a left turn on to Amsterdam Avenue, barreled into him.


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Here, we’ll just let Saul tell you about it in his own words.

De Blasio chose to host his Vision Zero press conference at P.S. 75 on the Upper West Side because of the school’s proximity to several recent high-profile pedestrian deaths in the area. Nine year old Cooper Stock was struck at West End Ave and 97th; Alex Shear and Samantha Lee at Broadway near 96th.