New York’s Premier Bro State Senator Greg Ball Plagiarizes, Gets Busted, DGAF About It


When we last checked in with upstate-dwelling State Senator Greg Ball, he was making virulently anti-immigrant statements to score some cheap political points. Now, just as cheaply, he’s playing to the other side of the house, sponsoring a bill to ban killer whales from New York’s water parks and aquariums, as the Albany Times-Union reports. Ball dubbed it the “Blackfish” bill, and the Times-Union points out it’s “largely symbolic,” given that there aren’t any killer whales in New York at the moment and we’re not exactly a bastion of marine mammal entertainment. Still, at least Ball isn’t anti-immigrant and pro-whale torture, right? That’d be an unfortunate combination.

But the Times-Union noticed a more interesting piece of Ball’s bill, namely the part that his office plagiarized outright from a 17-year-old kid. Donald Julius Rapier, a junior at Lindblow Math & Science Academy, wrote this op-ed for the Huffington Post in January. Ball’s staff was apparently quite taken with one passage, which appears verbatim in the bill.

Rapier wrote:

The same passage appears word for word in Ball’s legislation. Here’s a screenshot:

You’d think the people who write our laws could do a little better than stealing from high school students, but evidently not! Reassuring.

Ball’s staff didn’t respond to the Times-Union‘s requests for comment ahead of the story, according to reporter Casey Seiler. But as Capital New York reports, they did issue a statement after the story came out, apologizing for the plagiarism, which director of operations Colin Schmitt said “flies in the face of the high standards of our office. Schimitt said Ball’s office has taken “immediate and appropriate steps internally to address this oversight and address the staffer responsible. All memo language is being reviewed and will be corrected if necessary.” He added, “We also thank Casey for his interest in preventing the abuse of animals, and bringing much needed attention to this important matter.”

It’s not clear whether anyone ran any of that somber, apologetic language by Greg Ball himself, who’s currently over on Twitter trolling the reporters who wrote the story, as well as Huffington Post New York, who carried Rapier’s original piece. There is really no other word than trolling for what he’s doing.


And this, to the Huffington Post:

It’s a very statesmanlike show of jackassery, but Ball really brought it home at the end there:

That has been another installment in “How the People Elected to Higher Office Really Spend Their Time.”

Update, 2:24 p.m.:

Ball has responded to this article with another strong showing of aggressively bro-ish behavior: