The 10 Best Concerts in New York This Week, 2/24/14


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Monday, 2/24:

Sebadoh + Octagrape
The Mercury Lounge
6:30 p.m., $18
Here’s the thing about Dinosaur Jr.: They were/are/will always be amazing, the quintessential college radio rock band, undeniably and effortless cool. What makes them especially noteworthy is that their other projects, both new and old, are equally as exciting. Just try and find someone who has anything negative to say about Deep Wound. Tonight, D. Jr. bassist Lou Barlow takes to stage with Sebadoh, supported by Octagrape. Lo-fi worship at its finest. — By Maria Sherman

Digital Mystikz
10:00 p.m., $15/$20
Before dubstep reached its American saturation point with Skrillex’s three Grammy wins and, the genre’s international success had been primed by the tireless efforts of Mala and Coki, a/k/a Digital Mystikz. Production partners since their teens, the two founded legendary Brixton club night DMZ, which became an iconic forum for the innovative first wave of claustrophobic dubstep. They’ve since assumed the role of elder statesmen but still have a few tricks up their sleeve: Mala’s first LP was recorded in Cuba with traditional jazz musicians, and in late 2013 DMZ’s famed “Too Much Chat” dubplate got its first widespread release. Don’t miss this rare dual appearance by two living legends — By Aaron Gonsher

Excepter + Zs + Lushes
Baby’s All Right
10:00 p.m., $10
For the last twelve years, Brooklyn’s Excepter has wandered through a strange, sometimes terrifying music-scape of their own creation. On last year’s two-track album, Christisland, synth beats propel an otherwise meandering groove through a sinister jungle of noise, dub, and drone. With new release Familiar and accompanying single “Maids,” John Fell Ryan and company seem a turn for the sunny-side with 8-bit squelch brightening the band’s dark corners. With these tracks as a jumping off point, Excepter find their way between moments of cohesion and confusion, making it up as they go. — By Stephen Crocker

Skaters + The So So Glos + Bad Girlfriend
Bowery Ballroom
9:00 p.m., $15
New York-via-Los Angeles quartet Skaters celebrate the release of their debut full-length, Manhattan, at Bowery Ballroom alongside hometown heroes So So Glos and Bad Girlfriend. Think U.K. indie with an L.A. grime filtered through a NYC sensibility, a combination that only scrapes the surface of Skaters, a band dedicated to melodic, unpretentious rock ‘n’ roll. An evening that proves New York City music is as rowdy and rambunctious as ever. Shred ’til you’re dead. — By Maria Sherman

Wednesday, 2/26:

St. Vincent
Terminal 5
8:00 p.m., $30-$35
If the kick-drum stomp of “Actor Out of Work” suggested that St. Vincent might have an interest in dance music — or at the very least, making music that you can dance to — “Digital Witness,” the lead single from her new self-titled album goes full four-on-the-floor, providing the bass for a bouncy, angular track that picks up around where Strange Mercy left off. Not many concerts in the last few years have been as memorable as her Met performance celebrating that 
album’s 2011 release, but St. Vincent, like Four Tet a few days earlier, is one of the 
few artists worth the trek to Terminal 5. — By Nick Murray

Wednesday, 2/26:

Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks
Bowery Ballroom
9:00 p.m., $25/$30
Is any dad rocker more liberating than Stephen Malkmus, the pun-spitting father of two who can split the difference between punk, prog, and the Grateful Dead without breaking a sweat? Malkmus has now been with the Jicks longer than he fronted Pavement, and his perky new Wig Out at Jagbags, recorded in Berlin, serves as a sort of musical conversation between the younger and older Stephens. Who’s happier? Let’s just say the Jicks’ bonhomie makes these prog-pop tunes, featuring Malkmus’s geekily akimbo guitar solos, more life-affirming than not. They’re fuel-efficient, to boot: Everything you need to know about the ’80s lies in “Lariat,” while “Cinnamon and Lesbians” deals a sharper take on Pacific Northwest vanities than all of Portlandia combined. — By Richard Gehr

Water Liars + The Loom
The Mercury Lounge
9:30 p.m., $10
Mississipi-based duo-turned-trio Water Liars are coming for the musical crown. With the rootsy, beautiful and vivid tracks on their second album Wyoming, it doesn’t seem like it will be impossible for them to do. This week, catch them twice as they headline the Mercury Lounge in the middle of the week then cross the river to BK for a show at Rough Trade over the weekend. — By Brittany Spanos

Karen Wyman
Metropolitan Room
7:00 p.m., $25
A 16-year-old sensation back in the Dean Martin television series day, she’s singing again after a long hiatus. Is she belting even better now than she did then? One thing for sure is that she’s acquired the emotional depth she’ll tell you she didn’t possess as a teenager. Calling the stint “The Second Time Around,” she’s supported by no less than John Oddo at the piano, Jay Leonhart on bass, and longtime associate Eddie Caccavale on drums. No, folks, it doesn’t get any better than this. — By David Finkle

Thursday, 2/27:

Duo de Twang
McKittrick Hotel
Wednesday, 8:00 p.m., $130; Wednesday & Thursday, 10:00 p.m., $30-$55
Featuring Primus’ Les Claypool and M.I.R.V.’s Bryan Kehoe, Duo de Twang is exactly what their name states: a twangy duo. On their debut, the pair do country/bluegrass covers of songs spanning multiple genres and decades. From the Bee Gees to Alice in Chains, Claypool and Kehoe turn each track into a front porch-friendly banjo jam. This week, they make an appearance at the McKittrick Hotel’s interactive Macbeth adaptation Sleep No More where they’ll be not only performing in the show but putting on a concert at the The Heath for two nights in a row. — By Brittany Spanos

Friday, 2/28:

Bring Me the Horizon + Of Mice and Men
Best Buy Theater
7:00 p.m., $24
Pull out your best mosh-outfit because two of the biggest names in metalcore are taking over Times Square. At the Best Buy Theater, Bring Me the Horizon and Of Mice and Men are bringing their rage & love to the city, touting a new album from each of them released last year. Expect to throw down in the pit all night long; helmets not provided. — By Brittany Spanos

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