Your Broke Ass Can Now Afford to Eat at 40/40 Club


Happy fun-time Illuminati hang out the 40/40 Club is, we’re told, a sophisticated lounge where Top Shelf People drink Top Shelf Liquor while watching sports. Jay Z owns the chain, which he opened to fill the glaring bottle service gap other sports bars were too dumb to recognize or capitalize on. “What is better than downing sliders while watching hockey?” ” (we imagine) Jay Z thought. His answer: “Downing sliders with gorgonzola and the option of adding beet relish.”

The man is a business genius, a marketing guru who long ago mastered the art of the deal. Now his famed 40/40 Club has struck one with discount hub livingsocial, and together they’re offering you a $280 value for …


Can it really be? Yes. It is. That $105 buys you a three-course meal + cocktails for four people–four apps and entrées, one dessert, and eight cocktails. “At The 40/40 Club expect nothing but entertainment, style, and sophistication,” the livingsocial blurb reads. “We’re talking 165-inch video walls, marble floors, and as much luxury as you can pack into 12,000 square feet:”

As much luxury … as you can pack … into 12,000 square feet.

That’s a lot of goddamn luxury to experience with three friends for $105. Or, if you upgrade, 10 people for appetizers and bottle service (a $450 value they’re offering for $250.) Because the thing that sucks most about watching the Knicks lose is not enjoying a bottle of liquor at a 300% mark up while doing so.

Deal expires in 13 days. GO!

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