Freestyle Forever


Believe it or not, a freestyle revival may be in the works: Where Dmitri From Paris recently opened a Boiler Room set with a freestyle remix of his own “A Reason for Living,” house legend Todd Terry’s latest LP was a collection of new freestyle tunes he crafted for singers with names as freestyle-ready as “Chioma” and “Scarlett Santana.” Regardless of the genre’s future prospects, Lehman College celebrates its glorious past at the eighth annual Freestyle Forever party. This year’s incarnation features openers such as Johnny O, best known for the hit “Fantasy Girl” and his influence on the Pet Shop Boys, and TKA, freestyle’s best known boy band. The headlining performances, meanwhile, come from Stevie B, the Miami artist who scored hits with “Dreaming of Love” and “Party Your Body,” and the legendary Lisa Lisa, whose “Take Me Home” remains a staple of throwback r&b mixes.

Sat., March 1, 8 p.m., 2014