Google Maps Helpfully Directs Users to Brooklyn’s “Drug Section”


A funny thing happens if you type “drug section Brooklyn” into Google: the omniscient Interweb points you to a precise Bensonhurst corner.

A Reddit user pointed the quirk out in a thread on Thursday morning. Bensonhurst locals were miffed. “I walk to the supermarket down at the end of that block almost daily, other than tons of dog crap everywhere I don’t see too many druggies. That block is mainly Asian and older people. Lived in the area for almost 20 years, not sure why it’s labeled that,” one chimed in. Another commented, “That’s my neighborhood! And I have no idea why. Sorry to be a disappointment. :(”

(Someone did offer, “I used to live right next to there. It was pretty shady. Lots of car break-ins. Wouldn’t doubt it was full of druggies either.”)

What probably happened (and thanks to Reddit user hoponpot who pointed the theory out) is someone re-christened the Brooklyn corner using Google’s Mapmaker, which crowd-sources place names, like businesses or public buildings, through its “Add a Place” function.

There are some rules: adding pop-up shops, meeting places, potholes, ammunition bases, missile depots, and humorous Street View photos is strictly verboten.

Those rules probably should have disqualified “drug section” too, but, lucky for us, it slipped through the cracks. (Have you ever bought drugs at “drug section”? Drop me a line!

Sadly this doesn’t work for other cities. “Drug section Baltimore,” “drug section Washington DC,” “drug section Miami,” “drug section Chicago,” “drug section Los Angeles,” and “drug section San Francisco” all turned up zilch.

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