What Is Proper Twitter Etiquette For Bands?


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Ello Mrs. Landers,

This one is short and sweet. Should I follow fans back on my band’s Twitter account? Is it weird to do that? Is it OK if I don’t read all their tweets and reply to them?

Mr. Knights

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Dear MK,
It’s ultimately a matter of personal preference about how your band uses social media. I am not a huge believer in the courtesy follow and certainly not doing engineered social media for your band; even when it’s “effective,” iit’s often corny or annoying. Think about all the artists you have unfollowed once you realized your feed was just them constantly RT-ing people “I LOVE U MR KNIGHTS PLZ RT THIS [winking heart emoji]” alternating with ticket sales announcements? It’s kind of the worst. That said, what I think is weird is if you follow them back and then spam them with DMs that your album is dropping and stuff like that.

Then again, think about how it feels when someone whose music you like or even love follows you back. Maybe your internetting style is about providing good feelings and non-exploitive fan connection? In that case do it. Follow who you want to follow and use Twitter authentically, like a normal person and not like a wack promotional robot.

“Mrs. Fan”

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