A $7 Latte and a Bottomless Beer Brunch on This Week’s Brunch Roster


Still debating brunch plans? Make life simple by checking out these hand picked locations.

One Stop Beer Shop, 134 Kingsland Avenue, Brooklyn, Saturday and Sunday, 11 a.m.

$18 buys you a bottomless beer brunch full of Narragansett lager along with one entree and all the coffee your heart can handle. The menu here reads like it comes from a fraternity dining hall, with breakfast pizza and a chorizo avocado sandwich available to soak up the booze you’ll be consuming. If you’re not feeling the beer, the hybrid shop and cafe offers a two-for-one special on bloody marys and mimosas on the weekends, too.

Cheap and Old School
La Bonbonniere, 28 Eighth Avenue, Saturday and Sunday, 7 a.m.

With a sign reminiscent of a 1950s soda fountain, this West Village diner is a good place to save some dough. Most brunch items range from $6 to $15 dollars, and the menu is stacked with omelettes, pancakes, and club sandwiches. Generous portion sizes also distinguish the classic lunch counter from more pricey neighborhood options, along with classic NYC fare like lox and bagels with egg creams to wash it all down.

Cheap and Old School European
Neptune, 194 First Avenue, Saturday and Sunday, 7 a.m.

Showcasing polish cuisine, this no-nonsense East Village diner cooks up a variety of affordable potato pancakes, borscht, and pierogis. You’ll find classic diner fare like burgers and triple decker sandwiches on the list as well.

Just Coffee
BÚÐIN, 114 Greenpoint Avenue, Brooklyn, Saturday and Sunday, 8 a.m.

If all you want is delightful cup of Joe — or free wifi — this new Nordic coffee bar will put a Swedish spin on your daily routine. The coffee roaster provides only Scandinavian brands and is already gaining a cult following — and a cadre of haters — for its $7 licorice latte. Pastries include croissants and brown bread with butter, and a shop in the back features dry goods.