PREMIERE: Faces on Film’s “Heartspeed”


“That song came out of watching a friend play music one night,” says Mike Fiore of Boston band Faces on Film about the new song “Heartspeed.” ” [There is] something about how you can feel like you know someone through their songs, how you can be lulled into intimacy, how many different kinds of intimacy there are, and how many different ways there are to get there,” he continues.

Premiering here today, Fiore’s track is an active but soothing piece that will be featured on the new album Elite Lines. The album will be self-released on the same day as Faces on Film’s show at Rockwood Music Hall, which is a perfect excuse to hear the new tunes, pick up a copy and celebrate what’s next for

Faces on Film plays Rockwood Music Hall’s Stage 2 on March 25 at 10:30 p.m. Tickets are $10.

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