WNYC’s Drunk Fundraising Pledge Drive Was Delightful


For public radio fans (i.e., huge nerds), pledge drive season is the worst. No matter how self-effacingly Ira Glass asks for money, pledge drives still invoke an intense mixture of guilt and boredom in the public radio listener, an existential push-and-pull between “Wow, I should really drop a couple bucks on this programming I so enjoy” versus “I haven’t had an extra $20 since the seventh grade, when the Bar Mitzvah money stopped coming in. Please just go back to Morning Edition.”

This year, WNYC tried something a little different for their pledge drive messages. They made them drunk. Real drunk.

First, WNYC producers Sean Rameswaram and Amy Pearl recruited two WNYC listeners who also happen to be professional funny people: Zack Poitras, who writes for Funny or Die and The Onion, and improv performer Danielle DiPaolo, to get their thoughts on the importance of the station’s fine programming. We have it on good authority that this meeting of minds took place around two very real bottles of whiskey and culminated in an inebriated singalong in a producer’s apartment.

The results were obviously wonderful, and very educational. Did you know Shakespeare was “one of the founders of language”? Were you aware that the word “WNYC” has a varying number of syllables and maybe even some extra letters, depending on your level of inebriation?

As if that weren’t enough to persuade you to dig deep and chip in five bucks, the station also managed to get Sir Patrick Stewart, bona fide WNYC member, total babe, and lead recruiter for a secret federation of intergalactic explorers to record a few pleas for money.

While the drunk fundraising is over, it’s not too late to make a donation here. Thanks for a surprisingly delightful pledge drive week, WNYC! Let us know if you need some aspirin.