Deal Alert: BLT Empire Slashes Prices for Birthday Celebration


We’re suckers for sub-$5 deals, and tonight only, you can find a whole raft of those today — you just have to get yourself to one of the BLT restaurants.

BLT Steak (106 East 57th Street, 212-752-7470) celebrates its 10th birthday today, and while that restaurant will be closed for a fete in its honor tonight, the rest of the BLT empire is open and offering steep discounts to toast its sibling.

BLT Prime (111 East 22nd Street), BLT Fish (21 West 17th Street), BLT Burger (470 Sixth Avenue), and BLT Bar & Grill (123 Washington Street) are offering appetizers, sides, desserts, wine, beer, and special cocktails priced at $3.03. The list of items to which this applies is deep, but highlights include a half-dozen littleneck clams (normally $12) and a side of hen-of-the-woods mushrooms (normally $15) at BLT Fish, grilled bacon ($10) and the caesar salad ($15) at BLT Prime, fish tacos ($10) and sliders ($18) at BLT Burger, and the espresso martini ($15) at BLT Bar & Grill.

Spendier entrees — like BLT Fish’s hard shell lobster (normally $48) and BLT Prime’s dover sole (normally $58) — ring in at $33.04, which, while not exactly cheap, gives you a lower entry point if these restaurants are usually too hard on your wallet to be considered in your dining out rotation.

If this sounds like your cup of tea, take a look at the menus on the next page.

BLT Prime Birthday Dinner Menu

BLT Fish Shack Birthday Menu

BLT Fish Birthday Menu

BLT Bar & Grill Birthday Dessert Menu

BLT Burger Birthday Menu