Eat Cheaply: Hand-Filled Cannoli and French Lunch


We’ve combed the city once more for a list of cheap eats, tasty dishes under $10 meant to get you to your next paycheck. This week’s roundup includes a dish ideal for weathering the polar vortex, a Chinatown mainstay, and a good, cheap burger that doesn’t come from Shake Shack.

Tasty Handpulled Noodles, 1 Doyers Street, 212-791-1817
Most of the menu at this no-frills Chinatown noodle joint is under $10, excepting a few “chef’s specialties” in the $10 to $15 range. But those specialties seem rather misnamed anyway; what Tasty Handpulled does best is also what it’s named for — so go with the noodles. We like the beef noodle soup with thin hand-pulled noodle, swimming in rich, boney broth with tender slices of beef, carrots, onions, and greens. The dumplings (get them fried), wrapped in super-thin handmade noodle casings, are a solid bet, as are the dry noodle, which we like with bone-in duck, its skin salted and crisped. — Hannah Palmer Egan

Cannoli at Madonia Brothers Bakery, 2348 Arthur Avenue, Bronx, 718-295-5573
You could put together a cheap roving feast along the Bronx’s Arthur Avenue (and, uh, we did, a couple of weeks ago). But after you’ve snacked your way through meats, cheeses, and roadside seafood stands, you’ll want to pop into this bakery for dessert, where cannoli are filled to order. Spring for the large version at $2 a pop or have a small one for $1.25. — Laura Shunk

Burger at JG Melon, 1291 Third Avenue, 212-744-0585
Good cheap burgers are hard to come by in this city (unless, of course, you’re willing to brave the Shake Shack line — which is worth it for a sub-$5 cheeseburger). This Upper East Side haunt still offers a hell of a sandwich, though, for less than $10. This is a no frills rendition; you’ll find a thick, juicy patty on a soft bun supplemented by crisp bread-and-butter pickles. It’s worth shelling out the additional 75 cents for cheese if you’ve got it. — Laura Shunk

Francois Payard Bakery, 116 West Houston Street, 212-995-0888
François Payard, an internationally recognized pastry chef, opened François Payard Bakery (FPB) in 2010. In addition to the classic French pastries that one would expect, FPB also offers light dining fare that includes a selection of tartes, salads, and sandwiches in an airy cafe that features a window into the kitchen. Only one thing on the menu climbs above $10, and there’s exceptional value lurking in the quiche and sandwich sections. — John Luong

Buffalo chicken mac & cheese at S’Mac, multiple locations
This mini-chain dedicated to a comfort food ideal for surviving yet another round of the polar vortex turns out a litany of renditions of cheesy noodles. The only one you need, though, is the buffalo chicken variety, which pits pasta and cheddar against the unique tang of buffalo sauce, chunks of chicken, and, if you want, the sharp pungency of blue cheese. And trust us, the nosh size, priced at $7.75, is more than enough. — Laura Shunk