Cloud Becomes Your Hand


Brooklyn’s own Cloud Becomes Your Hand hatched in 2010 as bedroom-recorded, sound doodling neophytes but have since morphed into a sprawling amalgam of alien musics, and on Rocks or Cakes (Northern Spy), its communal oddballery is in full hallucinogenic effect. It’s near impossible to fathom CBYH are able to pull off such luminous psychedelia fervor, jagged prog weirdness ‘n’ folk fuckery, gorgeous harmonics and quirky chants, synth burps, bleats and gurgle shifts within the same tune but this collective does just that while staying true to its quirky melodic disposition. In CBYH’s rainbow-streaked otherworld, there’s Jim O’Rourk’ian six-string fingering Americana, Oneida-like outer space jammage and Syd Barrett-esque warped pop-centrics. Cloud Becomes Your Hand’s collage of soundage will fill undoubtedly shine in the glorious Roulette space this evening.

Sun., March 2, 8 p.m., 2014