“Homo Demons” Pastor James David Manning Says Obama Ordered Everybody To Start Ignoring Him Again


Last week, we heard from Harlem pastor James David Manning, who put a rather controversial sign in front of his ATLAH World Missionary Church declaring that President Obama had “released the homo demons on the black man.” He follow that up with a videotaped sermon, delivered through his website, that expounded on the dangers of the Obama-controlled “white homosexual man,” who has been loosed on the black community, especially black women. The white homosexual male’s special weapons are demonry, of course, as well as their enjoyment of the theater.

It was a pretty spectacular display of nutballery, and ATLAH’s sign went viral. A whole lot of news outlets covered it, and then, just as quickly, everybody was done covering it. Some might argue that’s just the nature of a one-day, novelty news story about a wacky guy. But Pastor James David Manning, homo demon hunter, knows the real reason nobody’s writing about him anymore: Barack Obama.

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In the latest edition of his three-hour weekly podcast, The Manning Report, Manning devoted a twelve-minute chunk of the show to unpacking the reasons why everyone has mysteriously stopped writing about him and his billboard. (It begins around the 23-minute mark; we’ll provide you with the presidential conspiracy highlights below, in case you’re busy.)

Manning claims that according to the laws of the media handed down by President Obama, nobody should have written about his sign in the first place. Those are the orders put in place by the president, he added, not to write about him under any circumstances:

No matter what Manning says or does, do not give him a public or national spotlight. If Manning discovers a cure for cancer, do not tell anybody. Let people continue to die from cancer. If Manning walks on the moon, do not let anyone know, because manning is a threat to the well-being of Obama. He is uncontrollable. He can’t be bought. He can’t be bribed. He speaks the truth. He reports only to the Lord Jesus Christ. And thereby we cannot have him on any kind of a platform in a national or in a major way. So keep cameras off of Manning. That’s the word that’s out there.

The pastor says he realized when several newspapers and TV stations showed up at his church that they hadn’t yet received the word that he wasn’t supposed to be written about, due to his awesome power and closeness with the Lord. “When the Daily News and channel 4 and Telemundo and others came, I realized that they had not informed the bigwigs that they were coming to interview me,” he explains. “So by Thursday night the whole matter had been clamped down. Obviously the information had been passed to the Obama administration that Manning was back in the news again in a major way and the orders were given to the bigwigs to shut Manning down. So thusly it was shut down, and you’ve heard not a word.”

The main proof that the “bigwigs” have ordered silence on the Manning front, the pastor adds, is the fact that no gays or liberals picketed his church. “With such a sign on our announcement board, you would think there would have been demonstrations outside of our church building by the homosexual community or by the liberals in general,” he says. “But word had been passed around: do not give Manning the opportunity to appear before a large audience, because he is so eloquent, he is so persuasive, he is so truthful, he is so powerful, that he can upset the powers that be in Washington in a heartbeat. We cannot debate him. We don’t know how to contain him.”

Manning believes the whole thing is nothing less than an abridgment of his rights as an American. Addressing journalists as a whole, he asks, “But you might want to also ask yourself, is this somehow or another suppressing one’s constitutional rights? Is this somehow or another just reporting the news that’s favorable about Obama, or favorable about certain political situations? Aren’t we as objective reporters and journalists supposed to have the two sides, or at least as many sides of the story as possible so that people can look at both sides of the equation and come up with an intelligent decision about that? Or is it just slam one individual, slam Manning no matter what?”

The pastor seems especially disappointed that Amsterdam News, a black paper headquartered not far from his church or New York 1 didn’t comment on his billboard, calling out one NY1 criminal justice reporter by name.

“Those of you at New York 1, if you work for new York 1, you Dean Meminger and others, you need to ask yourself, why can’t we withstand what Manning has to say? Why is it that we are so afraid of the speeches of Manning? Why are we so afraid of the strength of which, the truth of which– ” he sputters for a moment before regaining his footing. “Why is New York 1 afraid of Manning? Why is the Amsterdam News afraid of Mannning? And then ultimately, why is the Obama administration and Obama himself afraid of Manning?”

Manning promises, somewhat ominously, that he won’t be put off by this minor setback. “I will prevail,” he says. “For greater is He that’s in me than He that’s in the world. The word of truth that God has given unto me will not be returned to me void. I will continue to grow an audience withouut your help. And all of your prayers will be answered in the negative. Obama will come down. And when he does come down, almighty God whose name is Jesus will be able to get the glory.”

And when Obama does “fall,” Manning adds, and “the American people and the international audience sees the truth about this man, they will see that little James David Manning took down the giant of the national and international television radio and blog media all in one fell swoop. Swoop! And Obama fell with it. I’m James David Manning everybody. I’m the Lord’s servant.”

So, if you’re looking for a lively sermon that touches on the political issues of the day — and where the pastor reminds you frequently of his name — looks like you know where to be on Sunday.