Waitress Fired Over Unpaid Check Sues Restaurant After Telling Reddit About It


As a professional server, it’s easy for resentment to build as dismissive comments and unwanted come-ons take their toll. And getting stiffed on the bill? That’s the second-worst thing that can happen on the job. (The worst is getting fired.) Both happened to Suzanne Parratt and now she’s going to air it out in court, only after posting about it on reddit.

As reported by Tessa Stuart in Runnin’ Scared, Parratt, formerly on the payroll at Pig N Whistle on West 48th, has sued her employers. In the lawsuit, which is viewable here, she claims she wasn’t paid for her final week of work, after, she says, three guys skipped out on a $96 tab.

Here’s an excerpt:

Read the full story on Runnin’ Scared, the Voice news blog: “Waitress Fired Over $96 Dine-And-Dash Slaps Midtown’s Pig N Whistle With a Lawsuit.”