DIIV to DJ Village Voice Choice Eats


You know DIIV. Their Zachary Cole Smith is this generation’s Kurt Cobain. He’s unafraid to speak truth to power. He’s Sky Ferreira’s Beau. And, um, other things. And, in just over a week, you can add “Village Voice Choice Eats DJ” to his ever expanding resume. DIIV! What’s Choice Eats, you ask? Step this way.

There are only a few more general admission tickets left (VIP tix are gone) to our annual tasting event which takes place Tuesday, March 25, from 7 to 10 p.m. at Basketball City (299 South Street). Your ticket grants you entry inside, where 57 restaurants from around the city will be serving up their most delectable treats. You must be 21 or over because we’ll be serving up booze too. You can head to our Choice Eats website to see a list of vendors, and we guarantee you already love most of them. And remember, DIIV is DJing. And he doesn’t eat. So more for you.

See you there!