If you want to really grasp how long Pharrell has been making music, think back to the 1993 “Human Nature” mix of SWV’s “Right Here,” the highlight of the trio’s career, and remember that his voice was the one shouting “S, the double, the U, the V” over the song’s intro. Twenty years later, the genius producer has the No. 1 single in the country, and the girl group that gave him one of his early breaks is playing B.B. King’s a month after their reality TV hit, SWV Reunited, finished its first season. Off-screen, the music still slams, and if you’re somehow sick of the group’s early ’90s hits, you’ll likely get a kick out of I Missed Us, the excellent 2012 comeback album that preceded the show.

Fri., March 21, 8 p.m., 2014