From the destucto face melt of Lightning Bolt and Hella to No Age’s dreamscape maelstrom to the brutal noise-rock of Xaddax, it’s duo bands who are exacting the superior ear-gauging damage. Now the latest twosome to crash that noise-making fracas is Jerkagram, a Brooklyn via Connecticut pair of fraternal twin brahs (guitarist Derek and drummer Brent Gaines) who’ve been wreaking a Herculean cacophony since 2008. Jerkagram’s just-dropped Let’s Talk About Us is an epically complex and deafening beast of Pelican-ish arena-sized instro-metal riffage and Don Caballero-esque punk-jazz noodling combined with space-rock improv trips into the sonic netherworld. Yet, not all is serious in their universe: they cite Keiji Haino and K-Fed as artists they like and getting laid as a band interest. In other words, the brothers Jerkagram fuckin’ rule.

Sat., March 29, 7 p.m., 2014