Security Footage Shows Missing Designer James Ott Entering the McKibbin Lofts, But Not Leaving


James “Jay” Ott was first reported missing on Monday when he failed to show up at the Dock Group, the fashion investment firm where he is a design director.

Ott’s friends have spent the last several days distressed, canvassing the city with fliers, desperately seeking any information that may shed light on the Brooklyn fashion designer’s disappearance Saturday.

“There is video footage of Jay entering his Bushwick apartment on McKibben Street in Brooklyn around 10pm on Saturday night. At this moment in time, we do not have footage of when he left his apartment,” Ott’s friend, Beatrice Kim, told the Voice via email. “Jay’s family and friends have not heard from him since Saturday night.”

According to the NYPD, Ott was last seen wearing a black shirt, grey pants, a yellow scarf, a blue knit cap, white sneakers and glasses. But that description, specific as it is, may not help much. Kim says, “We do not know what he was wearing when he left his apartment, as the clothes he was wearing in the surveillance video of him entering his apartment are currently in his apartment.”

At the Dock Group, Ott (per his LinkedIn profile) was responsible for the brands Rosetta Getty and Crippen. Getty’s first collection, announced last month, is scheduled to debut in Fall 2014.

Ott is 31 years old. According to a police source, he suffers from an anxiety disorder and struggles with alcoholism. He is six feet two inches tall, 180 pounds, with blue eyes and brown hair. Anyone with any information is asked to call Detective Thomas Pisano in Brooklyn’s 90th Precinct at 718.963.5368, or email

Kim says, “Jay’s family and friends are extremely concerned and anxious to receive any word regarding Jay’s health and safety. His health and safety are our primary concern. If he is seeking help and confidentiality is a concern, we understand, but we would love to hear that he is safe.”