Pavilion Theater’s Owner Is Really Sorry For Being the Fruit Police


The owner of the Pavilion Theater, Park Slope’s surprisingly godawful movie theater, has extended an apology to Michael Kass, the 41-year-old cinemagoer it called the cops on last week for bringing strawberries into its fruit-phobic establishment.

Owner Ben Kafash told the Daily News, “I think the way the situation was handled was not correct and we apologize sincerely.” Kafash also promised to work with Kass to hold a series of neighborhood meetings, and said he’d like to open a juice bar in the theater.

At the same time, though, the Pavilion has also quietly deleted their Facebook page, where Kass first made his complaint. Things were getting a little rowdy over there.

Fucked in Park Slope was first to write about Kass’s walk on the wrong side of the law. After we picked up the story, so did New York magazine, Gothamist, and the New York Post. (Fun fact: the Post didn’t credit FIPs or anyone else for having the story before them, because they reportedly have an actual, stated policy that says they “don’t have to” credit other news outlets, a practice that is known elsewhere as “stealing.”)

The Murdoch empire was apparently quite taken with the strawberry incident, because they also ran the story in their Australian paper. It seems to have struck a chord with their Aussie readership, who piled onto the Facebook page to complain. We can still read some of those complaints on the cached version of the page. A couple of them are delightful, particularly this one from Sydney’s Thomas Russell:

Just sitting down to breakfast in Sydney when I read about the strawberry incident, which made front-page news over here.

I suppose you have to act quickly to stamp this sort of thing out. One day it’s strawberries, the next day some bloke smuggles a banana in, and before you know it you’re dealing with a full-blown stone fruit problem and patrons are openly passing a watermelon around. Well done, fruit Nazis.

Kass told the Daily News he was “willing to forgive and forget,” although he’d hold Kafash to his promises to make the theater a more welcoming place.

That’s one unhappy patron down, 200 fuming Yelp reviews to go.