PREMIERE: “Winter Fell” by Walking Shapes


Though the title of Walking Shapes’ “Winter Fell” may trigger some sensors for Game of Thrones fans, but according to Nathaniel Hoho, inspiration came from elsewhere. “The song title came from a poem i had a written at the same time which had the phrase ‘winter fell upon me I was lost swimming with sharks, I was,'” he explains.

Beyond the title, the song’s lyrics were inspired by Hoho’s confinement indoors during the “polar vortex.” The Brooklyn band then put together a video with the help of editor Alex Evan Morales, director Adam Erick Wallace and dancers Karolina Wallace and Darla Baker that “is a celebration of exercising your demons and, at the end of the day, being able to look around you and smile about it,” according to Hoho.

Prior to the April 8th release of Walking Shapes’ Taka Come On, and as spring prepares to actually arrive, we’re happy to exclusively premiere the music video for “Winter Fell” by Walking Shapes, a clip for a song much warmer than its subject matter.

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Walking Shapes will be at DROM on 4/25. 11:00 p.m., $12.

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