Hunters, PUP, and Big Ups to Play Village Voice Brooklyn Night Bazaar Show


When we saw this photo pop up on Hunters’ Instagram about a month ago with an announcement that the former Voice cover kids had to cancel a weekend tour we were, naturally, quite concerned. What happened to Izzy? Had she been hit by a bus? As your place for the most comprehensive Hunters news, we immediately rang up the band’s publicist to see what had happened.

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It was a stage mishap. Izzy hit her head, got a concussion. Such is the life of a frontwoman who has no concern for her own safety. Sometimes they fall down go owwie. (The Instagram photo is doctored, obviously, though it’s hard to tell on a phone.)

The good news is she’s completely fine now, and Hunters will be in fighting shape by the time they take the stage at the Brooklyn Night Bazaar, which we’re happy to present along with our friends at Seaport Music Festival, on Saturday, April 12. Hunters will be joined by Canadian punkers PUP (who are treating the show to their record release), and the hometown crunchy guitar acrobatics of Big Ups. More show and venue info in the flyer below. See you there! (Wear pads.)

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