Watch 5,000 New Yorkers Join a Massive Pillow Fight


Watch this video of the latest pillow fight in New York City, part of International Pillow Fight Day, a nine-year tradition. “We’ve been denied permits every year that we’ve applied,” says organizer Kevin Bracken, who clarifies that the idea got started in Toronto, but was moved to New York City. “A lot of people like to say ‘only in New York,’ that’s not true anymore, but only in New York can you get 5,000 people to a giant pillow fight.” On Saturday in Washington Square Park, the pillow puns and feathers were flying — and people in costume were easy targets.

The video above is full of deftly landed pillow punches, but perhaps none is better than this sneak attack, which we present in animated GIF form:

(Video by Svetlana Didorenko, all photos by Reimy Gonzalez for the Voice.)