Find a Verdant Quesadilla Among the Wares at Mexico 2000


It’s hard to find fault with Mexico 2000 (367A Broadway, Brooklyn, 718-782-3797), the Mexican grocery stalwart on the South side of Williamsburg in the shadow of the J/M/Z line. With a cornucopia of Mexican produce and spices, canned goods, beer, baked goods, lottery tickets, shampoo, and toilet paper, plus a taqueria in the back, this place packs in more stuff per square inch than any bodega in the city. A packed elevator is roomier.

Mexico 2000 divides its avocados by ripeness, setting out guacamole-ready specimens on the counter for easy picking; the TV rarely switches from soccer matches, and the communal tables fill up fast.

The purists will knock the menu offerings for the deep-fried chimichangas and the heavy hand with shredded lettuce, sour cream, and cheese, but it’s hard to quibble with the cheap and reliable tostadas, sopes, tacos, and tortas. The cutlery may be plastic but a soft chorizo taco, a loaded tostada, and rice and beans is only $6.99.

If you’re okay with salad in your Mexican food, the quesadillas ($3.99) contain a shred of Oaxacan cheese in a large handmade tortilla, toasted and folded over chopped romaine, grilled onions, and sliced raw jalapeños. With a squirt of bright green salsa, it makes a light, verdant counter to any grease saturated barroom quesadilla.