Kosha Dillz Presents: A Passover Playlist for The Ten Plagues


Passover is in full effect. So what better way to celebrate the occasion than by lining up a broadly-rap-themed playlist devoted to the occasion? Enter Kosha Dillz, the top notch rapper and Gangsta Boo’s favorite dining partner who not only took to the task with glee but decided to curate a cheery mix based around the Ten Plagues. Consider it edutainment at its finest.

“These songs don’t represent each of the plagues specifically but they’re enough to make your next playlist become really representative of Passover,” Dillz explains. “Also, you can show it off to your Jewish friends who are struggling to finish their taxes.”

Once you’ve run through Dillz’s hand-picked selection, don’t forget to check him out in person at the Studio at Webster Hall tonight as he performs along with Aaron Cohen and New York’s foremost rapper-who-skates, Black Dave.

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1. Killah Priest

“On the way to Passover dinner this year, and almost every year, I get a call from my boy Killah Priest. He is very passionate about the symbolism of the Seder, so you know you gotta begin by bumping the classic “B.I.B.L.E.”

2. Matisyahu

“Passover (or Pesach) wouldn’t be complete without some Matisyahu. As we all know, it’s about an exodus from slavery, and here Matisyahu refers to the “two tabs of stone” and definitely seems to cover the topic of a personal exodus. The song’s from his new album, Akeda, that comes out on June 3rd.”

3. Soul Khan

“I think everyone knows that all Passover you should pay homage to Soul Khan and this “Fahrenheit” video — it’s all-NYC Jewish flavor that can banged because it’s amazing. And isn’t there some symbolism of that in a seder? “Fahrenheit” means that the food is hot. (My mom is cooking matzah ball soup right now.)”

4. Blood of Abraham
“Stabbed by the Steeple”

“Blood of Abraham was discovered by Eazy-E and probably laid the foundation for all future Passover raps over 20 years ago. They filmed a music video in Jerusalem, Israel, before fools were really doing it with any high-tech cams.”

5. HAIM,
“Don’t Save Me”

“I think HAIM should be in the playlist for Passover because they are three powerful Jewish gals that have huge symbolism in their music. I jam to this joint and it basically says to me that sometimes we are unsure of what to do and how to have faith in our decisions. Uplifting vibes for sure.”

6. Ari Lesser
“The Ten Plagues”

“The song is definitely for the children and those uneducated about what Passover is. The kid Ari Lesser makes this animated song come to life in very simple lyrics. If you are trying to explain to your students or musician friends why you eat matzah and they start questioning you about all kinds of things, just show them this video. It’s self explanatory!”

7. Kosha Dillz
“What’s Going On Upstairs”

“Every album I have always has some kinda cool Jewish vibe. On my latest album I made a track called “What’s Going On Upstairs” which gets me in the mood for my hip-hop meditation. I’m sure when God was casting the 10 plagues on the Pharaoh, people were wondering, “What’s going on upstairs?” It’s a perfect question if you ask me.”

8. Y Love and Yuri Lane

“If you are really religious, Sefira is a time when people won’t listen to live instruments. About five years ago, two Jewish artists created an album off of beat-boxing and rap to make sure people could still enjoy music. Although no one knows too much about it, this basically catered to a percentage of a community of people who would not listen to instrumental music during this time. During the Counting of the Omer this album was promoted specifically. Talk about nice marketing!”

9. The Beastie Boys

“I guess there was some sabotage along the way during this holiday. For that reason, we need to make sure we keep the Beastie Boys presence relevant here.”

10. Moshav feat. Matisyahu
“World on Fire”

Nosson Zand feat. Matisyahu

“These guys are all homies from Boston and L.A. and both made awesome songs with Matisyahu. This is sort of like the culmination and smallness of the Jewish world — like how we are all connected since we are all friends. This video is amazing and also shows Matisyahu pre-beard and post-beard exodus. (Ironically, this video was directed by Mazik of Blood Of Abraham.)”

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