PREMIERE: Small Sur’s “Wild Geese” for Singles Club – Issue #2


Remember how Sub Pop used to have its own subscription service for fans of the label to get new music? That idea has been reconfigured for the 21st century thanks to a new and quarterly publication called Singles Club. In November, they debuted their first single, Daniel Bachman’s “Coming Home.” Being a subscriber to Singles Club means getting a 7″ with the single on Side A and an exclusive interview with the artist on Side B.

We’re happy to premiere the second single, Small Sur’s “Wild Geese.” “We chose Small Sur because their music is kind and pure,” says Jeffrey Silverstein, a mastermind behind this project. He adds: “Everything happens really fast these days and they are a perfect reminder of what it is to just be, to appreciate the here and now. They’re kind of the best anti-anxiety medication you can find.” Bob Keal of Small Sur adapted a Mary Oliver poem for his contribution to the club and is excited to be part of a project with such a clear and passionate vision.

Only 250 subscriptions will be available and once they’re out, that’s it. Hurry over to their shop and subscribe quickly before they run out. Issue #2 will be available beginning May 6th. Up next will be singles from Woodsman and Wisdom Tooth. Follow Singles Club on Facebook and Twitter.

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