PREMIERE: Patrick Park’s “Let’s Go” Video


Patrick Park’s sound has a good foot-stomping quality, perfectly fitting into a Mumford & Sons/ Lumineers lineage but with a refreshing twist. There’s something more organic about Park, and thanks to director Ted Newsome, he has a really beautiful clip to match his latest single “Let’s Go.”

“I really love this video. I think that it works really well for this song,” says the singer-songwriter. “The song is pretty straightforward and is all about that desire to leave those things that weigh us down behind and start again.” Newsome shot the video with a couple of non-actors who regularly hop freights, a mode of travel Park has always been intrigued by and romanticizes.

Patrick Park’s album Love Like Swords is out tomorrow, 4/22, and Park will be playing Rockwood on Thursday, 4/24, at 9:30 p.m. on Stage 3. Tickets are $10.

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