Watch a Slo-mo Video of a Shirtless Kid Getting Hit With Fireworks at New York’s Alright


Last weekend New York’s Alright circle-pitted its way into NY’s hardcore minds and hearts, leaving a tangled mass of sweaty, exhausted bodies in its wake. A lot of great bands from all over the world played this thing, and during a late-night set from St. Louis’ Lumpy & the Dumpers at 538 Johnson the enthusiastic (and enthusiastically shirtless) young man pictured above had a wrestling match with a lit strip of firecrackers. Someone caught said match on video, and then slowed that video down. The result is pure magic.

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We have it on good authority that this same kid was spotted at another NY’s Alright show hours earlier, pogoing at Le Poisson Rouge. By the time the video that follows was taken, he was at the end of a very long day of punk. God bless him.

Here’s a video of Lumpy & the Dumpers’ “Sex Pit”:

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