That Long-Lost Ace Frehley Record We Told You About Sold For a Bunch


Before he emerged a Spaceman in KISS, guitarist Ace Frehley was in a psyche band called Molimo that devoted KISS nerds had long talked about, but no one had actually heard. That is, until last week.

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Record collector Chris Reisman bought a giant stockpile of records in upstate New York and started the arduous task of combing through it, hoping to find a tiny audible nugget of gold. He did, and that nugget turned out to be quite big. He’d found Ace Frehley’s Molimo acetate demo among the stacks and stacks of records. We interviewed him about the process of finding and authenticating the record last week, a day after he put it up on eBay to auction. That auction ended yesterday. The Molimo acetate went for $4,317 like woah!

That’s because Reisman’s find was a big deal. Recorded for RCA in 1971, Molimo’s music was shelved by the label, and never saw the light of day.

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