Louis C.K. Went On An Amazing Twitter Rant Against Standardized Testing and the Common Core


Everyone hates the Common Core, a set of “educational standards” that 44 states have adopted for their K-12 students. Really. Everyone. The ultra right hates it because it’s a sinister Obama-controlled conspiracy designed to enslave our children and turn them into Communist Socialist hivemind robots, while the rest of the country despises it because of common sense. Common Core questions take happy subjects like math and reading and turn them into strange, contorted, logic- and linguistics-defying puzzles, designed to leave your fourth-grader weeping in frustration over a wadded-up page of fractions. (Take a look at some sample math questions for New York state’s third graders, if you’d like to feel your stomach clench in vicarious anxiety).

Legions of frustrated parents are tired of struggling to help their children understand absurd word salad like “Which is a related subtraction sentence?”. Louis C.K. is among them; the comedian has two grade-school age children and a deep, festering, entirely understandable rage towards how they’re being asked to learn.

We know that because C.K. spent most of Monday tweeting angrily about his third grader’s absurd math homework:

Mid-rant, C.K. got emotional about watching his daughters’ enthusiasm for school turn into dread:

On a related note, the State Board of Regents spent Monday engaged in a bitter debate over whether the Common Core-aligned tests here are, as Capital New York puts it, “developmentally inappropriate or ambiguous.”