Grandma Sparrow+Megafaun


Before Joe Westerland helps create finger-picking orchestral magic in avant-folkie unit Megafaun tonight, he’ll give you a play date you won’t soon forget with no naptime. Enter the gloriously freaky show of the snazzy fedora, goofy paper nose and specs-wearing Grandma Sparrow (Wusterland’s bat-shit alter ego) and from his creative mind he’s dreamt up a narrative filled with magical music and bizarro characters. On the super-fun Grandma Sparrow & his Piddletractor Orchestra, Grandma immaculately colors a childlike song cycle for grownups in the form of a corny, yet inventive, conceptual epic. In Grandma’s neighborhood, there’s a children’s choir, horns, strings and ear-candied ditties that fill an eclectic psych-pop rainbow colored with improvisational weirdness while riding a 60’s-styled rock peace train. This playdate is some trippy, deep shit.

Fri., May 2, 8 p.m., 2014