The year is 1919, Prohibition is just coming into effect, and the statue of Shakespearean actor Edwin Booth is being unveiled in Gramercy Park. Don your best Roaring Twenties garb for a swanky party at the Players Club, founded by Booth 125 years ago. The Brothers Booth, your time machine for the evening, is an interactive theater experience made possible by the creators of the long-running downtown hit Speakeasy Dollhouse and director Wes Grantom. Your job tonight is to try and uncover what might have led John Wilkes, Edwin’s younger brother, to assassinate Abraham Lincoln, while you party it up in the home of the actor himself. Burlesque star Tansy welcomes guests into this mansion via a secret alley entrance and invites them to enjoy live music, experience a séance, and dance in the mansion’s grand ballroom. Guests are also encouraged to explore unlocked doors, be nosy, and talk to strangers. But be careful: The mansion could get raided.

Sat., May 3, 8 p.m., 2014