The Ramones Are Finally Mastered For iTunes


The Ramones. You’re familiar, yes? Well, their fast and furious dirty three chord romp has never been mastered properly for iTunes. Until now!

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According to Rhino, the newly mastered for iTunes records “stretch from their self-titled 1976 debut all the way up through 1987’s Halfway to Sanity. That’s…

Leave Home (1977), Rocket to Russia (1977), Road to Ruin (1978), End of the Century (1980), Pleasant Dreams (1981), Subterranean Jungle (1983), Too Tough to Die (1984), and Animal Boy (1986). Also in the mix: the two Sire Years sets which collect the band’s albums from 1976-1981 and, for a more expansive collection, from 1976-1989.

for all you completeists out there. “Trust us,” Rhino goes on to say. “The difference in sound is instantly audible and well worth the investment if you prefer your punk to be as pristine as possible.”

Because, really, isn’t it?

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