Frankie Cosmos+Alice Cohen


A dazzling bill featuring an orgy of DIY punk is presented here in a singular evening showcasing the raddest of music and television. There’s de facto King of Public Access TV, BJ Rubin, premiering his latest ‘n’ greatest brain-twisting, music/comedy freak show, starring noise luminaries Black Dice and Blues Control but highlighted by ascending songstress Frankie Cosmos. Tonight, Rubin and the teenaged Frankie celebrate the CD release of the heavenly Zentropy, her lo-fi treasure of a record that marries Beat Happening’s playful strum with candy-sweet melodies while charming introspections of dogs, art school and love are sung in the most saccharine of voices. Rounding out the bill is rainbow-streaked pych-pop tunesmith Alice Cohen, yet another delicious Rubin staple. Wowza.

Fri., May 9, 8 p.m., 2014