Reminder: This MTA Service Changes Video Is a Parody


This video will prime you for walking 17 extra blocks in the oppressive afternoon humidity this summer because of subway problems. All of these service changes are fake, but you get the idea. Get ready for summertime misery, New York!

John Purcell, a comic from Queens by way of Ireland, put this together. We spoke with the 29-year-old on the phone about summers on the subway.

Did any particular experience inspire this video?
My friends and I joke about how terrible the subway is all the time and we’re kind of at the mercy of the MTA living in New York City. Our happiness and our sanity depends on how well the trains are running at any given time.

Summers are historically bad, though.
That’s why I made it in the summer, because of things like the L not running to the city on weekends. How can you put that many people out in that kind of way? There’s probably a reasonable explanation for it, but all the subway changes were utterly ridiculous.

What train lines do you take the most?
Kind of the N or the Q, and I take the 4 or 5 a lot. I’m all over the city going to comedy clubs, so I take most of the trains.

What advice would you give people riding the subway in the summer?
Have a lot of patience, and maybe bring one of those portable [battery-powered] fans so you can cool yourself off in those hot subway stations. If you go to the U.S. Open or something and there’s an older crowd, you’ll see [those fans]. Sometimes they have water that squirts out, too.