This NYPD Aerial Rescue Video Might Make You a Little Queasy


Thirty six-year-old Amanda Graham was out for a Mother’s Day in hike in Palisades Park on Sunday when she lost her footing, broke her ankle and tumbled down a steep cliff, stopping about 200 feet above the Hudson River.

Two squads from the NYPD’s aviation unit were dispatched to rescue her, and they caught the whole thing on tape. Edgar Burroughs, crew chief for the NYPD’s Air Sea Rescue 14, told the Post, “If you are going 1 to 10, I would say this was all the way a 10.”

Take a look:

It looks pretty terrifying, but it’s probably slightly more comfortable (or at least a lot quicker) than being humped out of the wilderness on a stretcher of sticks and tarp by a troop of passing boy scouts, like Ann Curry reportedly was last month.

Graham is fine now; she was taken to Nyack Hospital.