Inside Tavern on the Green’s Grand Opening Gala


Last night, Tavern on the Green (67th Street and Central Park West) hosted its grand opening gala, which signaled that after a weeks-long soft opening, the Central Park complex is once again ready to serve the hundreds of New Yorkers and park visitors that will flood it daily. Owners Jim Caiola and David Salama have extensively reworked the space over the past couple of years, removing the old floral carpets and heavy fixtures and replacing them with wood floors and a timeless aesthetic. The bar room is lined with plush red booths; the Central Park room looks out over the park via a patio on one side and into an expansive open kitchen on the other; and the South Wing is more muted, and will serve as the venue’s primary event space. In an effort to encourage New Yorkers to use the space for more than just events, the owners will keep the bar room unreservable for parties and open to a la carte diners. Look, too, for a takeout window, where you can supply your Central Park picnics.

Take a look at the space and a bit of what’s coming out of chef Katy Sparks’ kitchen.