Truthers Plan to Hand out Fake Brochures for 9/11 Museum On Opening Day


The dedication of the new National September 11 Memorial Museum happened last week, with speeches from President Obama and Mayor de Blasio and flags flown at half-mast outside at the World Trade Center Memorial Plaza. The museum will open to the public on Wednesday, May 21, and the 9/11 truth squad is, predictably, planning a visit of their own.

The Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth have been very dedicated for a very long time to promulgating the theory that September 11 was an inside job, and that the Twin Towers were felled by a controlled demolition. Their latest effort in New York was a billboard in Times Square. But for the opening day of the 9/11 Museum, they’ve got something else planned: fake museum brochures, designed to look exactly like the real ones.

On a related website called 9/11 Working Group of Bloomington, AE911Truth calls the September 11 Museum “elaborate, taxpayer-funded, public relations campaign to forever cement the fantastic claims of the official conspiracy theory into the history books.” They say museum visitors will be presented with “a first-rate ‘Madison Avenue’ account of September 11th that has served as the justification for two wars, demolished our national economy, and deprived us of our privacy and civil liberties.”

So AE911Truth, almost none of whom are based in New York, started fundraising to send their members here, to hand out brochures outside the museum on opening day and again on Saturday, May 24. “By printing thousands of educational flyers and distributing them via teams of AE911Truth volunteers at the memorial grounds entry,” they write, “we can inform the public as to why the 9/11 Memorial Museum is largely a fraud.”

If nothing else has worked to open the eyes of the non-conspiracy-minded public, surely fake brochures will do the trick. Here’s a larger view of the front cover. The full brochure itself is on the following page.