Tonight’s Conversation With D’Angelo at the Brooklyn Museum to be Livestreamed on NPR


Anyone who’s ever heard D’Angelo’s Voodoo has thought “This man deserves a fucking mural in his honor” at one point or another, because it’s a perfect piece of art. Well, thanks to the Red Bull Music Academy Festival New York, he got a few of them around the city, his beautiful visage painted big and bold for the world to see. A cool thing, even if just temporary. They were to promote D’Angelo’s in-depth sit down interview tonight at the Brooklyn Museum with author/filmmaker/critic Nelson George. Chances are you didn’t get a ticket to the event (it sold out rill quick), but GOOD NEWS, now you don’t need one.

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Because the fine folks at NPR are streaming it live right on their site. It all goes down at 7 p.m. and you can tweet your own questions at the hashtag #AskDangelo for a post-interview q&a session.

D’Angelo Livestream here.

Event info here.

More Red Bull Music Academy events and info here.