Get Wet With Andrew W.K. Tonight at Strand Bookstore


Everyone’s favorite advice columnist Andrew W.K. will join author Phillip Crandall tonight at the Strand Bookstore to talk about Andrew’s groundbreaking debut, I Get Wet. There aren’t two guys on the planet that know more about the album than these two. Andrew, of course, wrote the thing. Lived it. And Crandall wrote a book about it, 33 1/3’s I Get Wet. It’s an engrossing, in-depth read, one that sees Crandall pick the brains of not only W.K. himself, but damn near everyone that had a hand in making it. Knowing Andrew as we do, and knowing how much time, effort and research went into Crandall’s I Get Wet, tonight’s event at the Strand (7 p.m., third floor) could easily be filed under “Can’t Miss.” After all, it’s been 12 + years in the making.

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That’s when I Get Wet (the album) came out. Crandall at the time had just graduated college, but was still living in college-town Gainesville, Florida, goofing off and putting off career responsibility for a few months. Until one day he heard “Party Hard” coming from his roommate’s TV. “I remember pogoing around, never wanting the song to stop, but also kinda wanting the video credits to roll so I could actually find out who this band was,” he says of the moment. “I immediately went and bought the album, which stayed in my van’s portable CD player until the day I moved out of Gainesville and got rid of that van.”

It wasn’t until Crandall saw Andrew live that he came to see I Get Wet as more than just amazing driving music. He, like anyone who’s spent any time at all in Andrew’s presence, was captivated by the man’s infectious nature and overwhelming positivity. He’d go on to listen to I Get Wet on constant rotation. “Most of 2002 was me having a carefree blast before pursuing a career, and the fact that Andrew W.K. was my soundtrack probably says a lot about the spirit of what work I pursue and the passion I can’t help but bring to those projects”

It’s fitting, then, that his latest project–writing I Get Wet for 33 1/3–involved working with Andrew directly. In the book. You can read about that process on 33 1/3’s own blog. Or skip that and hear it live in the flesh tonight at Strand.

Andrew W.K. live and in person conversation with Phillip Crandall at The Strand. Thursday, May 22. 7 p.m.

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