Here are 30 Photos from NYC Fleet Week, #America


Fleet Week (schedule here) returned to New York City this week — it runs through Tuesday, May 27 — after last year’s federal budget cuts put it on hiatus.

The USS Cole (the same vessel bombed by al Queda in 2000, resulting in the death of 17 sailors), the Oak Hill and the USS McFaul led the way, trailed by a collection of Coast Guard vessels, news helicopters and tourist boats as they moved up the Hudson before arriving at Pier 92 in midtown.

During the trip, the vessels were greeted by a cannon salute as they passed Fort Hamilton and rendered honors at Ground Zero. There are a number of events scheduled through the week, including a simulated Coast Guard rescue, a silent drill team display and and Marine Corps aerial demonstration. Members of the public have also been invited to tour the ships while they’re docked here.

Photographer C.S. Muncy was up before dawn on Wednesday and boarded the USS Oak Hill. He brings back these photos for the Voice.